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Why we need Donations

The Trustees have given due regard to the Charity Commission’s guidance on public benefit and, in particular, the specific guidance on Charities & Fee Charging.

The Trust’s policy is to provide a higher standard of personal care and of meals than is provided in commercial Care Homes, in order to make life more interesting & enjoyable for residents in their declining years.  This has been shown to be effective in prolonging the life of residents, despite severe disabilities. With this in mind, the Trust’s ratio of care providers to residents is 1 care provider to 2 residents during waking hours.  This ensures that residents are not left alone for significant periods.  The Quality and Improvement Authority report 2009 recommend minimum staffing levels of 2 staff for up to 12 residents.  

In addition, mental stimulus is available free of charge in the form of newspapers, books, video games, television and various kinds of music, sacred, classical and hits from the past.   We engage in activities such as card making, flower arranging and other such crafts.  High quality ingredients from high end grocers are purchased to ensure meals are interesting and tasty, rather than the usual institutional fare.  Meals are also provided to aged non-residents, together with cleaning & other services, on a non-profit basis.

Fees are charged on a variable basis, depending on the level of care required and the financial capacity of the residents.  The Trust has a policy of continuing to care for residents even if they are in financial difficulties.  In the past some residents have been fully funded by the Trust, as their assets were not liquid.  The Trust has a policy of building up reserves to subsidise less wealthy residents in the future.  

We are also in the process of building a Garden/Sensory Room to facilitate young people with learning difficulties.   This would offer workshops with a variety of crafts.   We are currently fundraising for this project which is likely to cost in the region of £95,000.

 Donations can be sent to the Christian Care Trust

Grace House, 110 Nether street

Finchley London N12 8EU